Release title: Jazz At The New School
Release artist: Ken Davern , Eddie Condon , Dick Wellstood , Wild Bill DavisonGene Krupa
Release Country: US
Release date:
Label: Chiaroscuro Records
Label catalogue number: CR110
Release format: Vinyl LP, Album
Release quantity: 1
Release comment:
Release genre: Jazz
Release style:

   A1.  I Want To Be Happy  Irving Caesar; Vincent Youmans 
   A2.  Sugar  Maceo Pinkard (Pinkard) [ Written-By ] 
   A3.  Shim-Me-Sha-Wabble  Spencer Williams (2) (Williams) [ Written-By ] 
   A4.  Avalon  Buddy G. De Sylva; Al Jolson; Vincent Rose 
   B1.  That Da Da Strain  Mamie Medina; Edgar Dowell 
   B2.  Blues In C  Eddie Condon (Condon) [ Written-By ] 
   B3.  The Mooche  Duke Ellington (Ellington) [ Written-By ] 
   B4.  I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me  Clarence Gaskill; Jimmy McHugh 

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