Release title: Fourplay
Release artist: Double Exposure
Release Country: US
Release date: 1978
Label: Salsoul Records
Label catalogue number: SA 8501
Release format: Vinyl LP, Album
Release quantity: 1
Release comment: Produced by The Harris Machine ℗ 1978 Salsoul Record Corp.
Release genre: Funk / Soul
Release style: Disco

   A1.  I Declare War  Mikki; James Hendricks; Norman Harris; Leon Mitchell  5:55
   A2.  Handy Man  Ron Tyson; Edward Moore; Leon Mitchell  2:58
   A3.  Why Do You Have To Leave  Bunny Sigler; Jack Faith; Bundino Siggalucci  4:16
   A4.  Falling In Love  Jack Faith; Ron Tyson; Edward Moore  5:26
   B1.  Newsy Neighbors  Norman Harris; Allan Felder  4:52
   B2.  Perfect Lover  Jerry Akines; Johnny Bellmon; Ron Kersey; Buddy Turner  5:03
   B3.  There Is No Reason  Ron Kersey; Bruce Gray  4:25
   B4.  There's Something Missing  Mel Hugee; Gene Hendricks; Brian Evans (2); Bruce Hawes  4:38

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